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Thread: Hilux timing belt light

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    Hilux timing belt light

    Looking for some advise
    My Hilux is a 2007 MK6, HL2 King cab with the 2.5 litre Diesel engine. Yesterday at 66,650 ish miles my timing belt light came on. I didn't think it was due to be changed until the 70,000 mile service? Is this just an early warning or something more serious? The motor is still running fine as would be expected it's a Toyota
    Cheers Wingy
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    If its a Toyota it will be OK?? Bang!!

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    I think they call them warning lights for a reason, but please yourself. I mean, why not just wait and see? How bad could that be?

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    get it done its cheaper than a new lump or DIY for far less .

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    change it now if not sooner,my m8,s a fleet manager they never let cambelts go over 35000 miles .200 quid now to a garage or a new engine to fit.

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    I thought it was 100,000 miles, but i got twitchy when my 2006 Hilux hit 70k so i got it changed.

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    words of warning stop and get the belt changed. ATB

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    Ok, it's booked in for Monday, I know it sounds serious "timing belt" but the Hilux doesn't have a timing belt in the true fashion. It only drives the injector pump so worst case scenario is it would need re timing. Unlike my 110 300TDI which didn't give a warning light and must be what Red Dot is thinking about "bang" pistons meeting valves at 60 mph in lane 2 of the M62.
    Cheers Wingy

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    Think it should come on at 90k. 2007 2.5 engine would be the D4D. I believe the timing belt does drive the camshaft. It is easier to change the belt than put the light out. Part of the dash has to be removed to switch it over.

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    The light comes on based on distance traveled and has nothing to do with the condition of the belt. It is an easy job on the 2.5 any good mechanic can do it in an hour so dont let any garage start with the it takes hours and costs make sure they replace the tensioner also.

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