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Thread: Pheasant killer ??

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    Pheasant killer ??


    Picked up the pheasant the other day from round the pen, first I thought a fox had tried to pull it through the wire ( it was stuck in it ), but then I could see further round the pen feathers where it had been killed inside and there was no way a fox could have gotten in easily ( electric fence, no big holes, etc ). So put it down to a stoat or similar having got in through the small hole killing it in the pen and then trying to drag it out.

    On getting it stuck it then appears to have just eaten the neck/head and then given up ( or I disturbed it ).

    So, got a couple of tunnels put down and this morning one had the following in. Was still alive despite being caught well until it met a bar I had handy.

    I suspect it might be a mink, its feet did appear webbed a bit and it seemed too big to be anything else.

    Any ideas ?


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    Yep it's a stinky well done bad bad *******os they are !

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    Yep a mink , well done . Where abouts are you in south yorks ? You may not be far from me there's quite a few round here . Pm me if you like
    atb Jim
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Yes a mink and where there is one there will be others, so keep an eye on your pen.

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    Mink number two this morning in the same trap..........

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    cut the tail off as close to the body as you can , either side of its bum youll find a round yellow scent gland , push the point of your knife into it and use the contents to bait inside your trap . Youll catch every last mink in the area

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