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    Smile Another nice buck


    Decided to go out for a mooch around again last night as not had much chance the last week or so to try out the caller.

    Dropped onto the ground, walking up to the first spot where I was going to sit for a bit and try calling and bumped a youngster who trotted off into some long grass, good start I thought to see one already !

    Got sat down, next minute saw a doe further away that I suspect was the mother to the youngster, watching me. Tried a couple of calls, having none of it and bounced over the dike, thankfully not barking away so no problem.

    Decided to try looking over the couple of fields behind me as saw one in the wheat last time, sneaked over and there was another doe stood at the far end of the field. Tried a few peeps on the call, she looked round but not bothered in the slightest. I could see her looking out into the field all the time with the ears pricked up, and I kept scanning with the bino's, but I could'nt see anything. Figured she maybe had young in there.

    So decided to sneak up and hope she might amble off on seeing me and then I would try calling between the two fields facing the wood ( where I would have expected them to show from ). Called for 5 mins, waited a bit, nothing showing to decided to move off, then caught movement out the corner of my eye......

    God damn buck had sneeked up through the wheat to right behind me !! I suspect he had been out there all the time laid down and was what the doe had been looking at. He was having none of it though, bounding off through the wheat away from me. I barked at him and he did stop for a second but given I could only see the very top of his neck / head I decided not to shoot.

    Walked back now heading up the other end of the land, walk right past two young roe stood in some long grass obviously convinced I could'nt see them. Lovely to see them up that close.

    Light was starting to drop now, nothing on the next field went up to the last one. Made a bit of noise negotiating the dike and then to my surprise looked up the field side on the grass margin saw a deer which looked to be walking away from me.

    Straight up with the Zeiss scope now as light was dropping, could then see it was the arse end of a buck in hot pursuit of the doe in front of him

    They turned into the field and he was all over the doe like a dog with 2 dicks. The field was long and I could mostly only see heads bobbing about and the odd glimpse of the body. After about the 5th time of having to watch him on the job she broke off from him and he just happened to walk in to a clearish part of the cover. It was now or never.

    Took a high shoulder shot ( as that's the best it offered ) and he went straight down. Thought I might have a job finding it but managed to walk straight onto where it was.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Was well chuffed with him, not a bad buck for round this area. Could tell on the way back in the roe sack he wasnt small either.

    Weighed him before he went in the chiller and he came in at 47lb.

    Result !!

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    That was a good read, and how considerate of the buck to save you a bit if weight by emptying his balls before dropping him!... That's the way is like to cash out

    Regards... Fns

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    died with his boots on and a smile on his face .well done

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    Nice buck. Congratulations!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishnshoot View Post
    That was a good read, and how considerate of the buck to save you a bit if weight by emptying his balls before dropping him!... That's the way is like to cash out

    Regards... Fns
    Ha ha

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