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Thread: 243 brass wanted

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    243 brass wanted

    Hi I'm after once fired brass for 243 I prefer to collect if possable I'm from the ludlow area I don't mind traveling about the 30 miles. It will be great if some body got any brass they want to sell.
    Cheers guys
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    Hi Nicky,

    I have some once fired .243 brass. I am in Abergavenny so you may consider it too far too travel. How much are you looking for? If you want to pm me a contact number we can have a chat.

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    Hi , I have 40 once fired RWS Brass(243)available , 10 posted

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    I have about 160 once fired Federal sat here in Hereford. Drop me a PM.
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    I'm just the other side of Bridgnorth, I'll have plenty of Norma cases kicking around if that's any good to you?!

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