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Thread: fire arms aplication

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    fire arms aplication

    hi guys im just filling out the forms for fac im wanting to apply for .22rf for vermin, .223cf for fox, and 308 for deer. the thing is i don't yet have any land for deer would i still be ok to apply for 308 so i could use it n guided days? if so what do i put down for reason for having it?

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    Hi Russ,

    Just an idea why don't you ask for deer on your .223 as well incase u ever want to use it for Munty or CWD or Roe "scotland" just thought i would point that out you may have chosen not too deliberately...

    With regards to not having deer land same old story different flo's and forces vary... some say you just have to have a provisionally booked days stalking some say you have to go and do some stalking in advance...
    Put deer on there and see what they require you to do is my advice its hard to guess what they will do these days...


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    cheers pal

    also guys do you still hav to list sound moderators as a separate firearm?

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    firearms application

    hi russ91 you have to apply for a sound moderator for each calibre rifle you apply for also you will need to have expanding ammo on your application
    atb tom

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    cheers pal how many expanding rounds shall i ask for

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    308 application

    Hello Mate

    Can i secound the idea of getting a few stalks under your belt first before the application goes in seems to work better that way with most forces.

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    check this out

    If you are in scotland i can email you a copy of the other guidelines.

    Make use on reasons to possess,

    Deer control, pest control, zeroing and target practise on any land on which the certificate holder has authority to shoot.

    saves a lot of headaches.

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    you will find they willwant to see stalking booked or ground you can stalk over and they will check,as for what rounds you might be ok with these
    .22 hold 500 buy 200
    223 hold 250 buy 200
    308 hold 250 buy 200
    you will need to apply for a mod for each cal your reason is health n safety
    i'm on with my variation looking for 223,17hmr and 300 win

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    I'd suggest for .22LR hold 600, buy 500.

    This is the minimum standard where I come from, and allows you to buy a 'brick' of 500 all of which will be the same batch.

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