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Thread: S-class shoot Bisley Sept 28th

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    S-class shoot Bisley Sept 28th

    S-Class shoot (sporting rifle) at Bisley on the morning of Sunday 28th September. All are welcome.

    For those that have not heard of S-class, it is is a relatively new shooting class which will enable you to shoot competitively with an off the shelf sporting rifle or any other type of rifle that meets the shoot requirements.
    S-class concept has been thought up by Dave of the Shooting Shed in an attempt to get away from the arms race that modern target shooting has become.
    S Class came about as a result of a desire by Dave to return scoped competition shooting to an ethically purer level without the need for heavy weight, long barrelled rifles and is aimed at Hunters and Club Shooters who wish to compete -against likeminded shooters.
    "This is a lightweight rifle class of shooting and in an ideal situation a competitor would walk to the firing point with a rifle in a slip and a couple of ammunition boxes in his pocket, I would suggest that any person who wishes to compete but needs to make two trip to and from his car to carry his/her kit needs to rethink their approach to the discipline".

    There have been regular S-class shoots organised at Cawdor with Strathpeffer RPC which have been a great success and now it's time to hold one at Bisley.

    S-class is for rifles of:
    Max 26" barrel
    Max 6Kgs weight
    Max 12X 'scope
    Harris type folding bipod or sling
    No rear bag or fixed or adjustable support
    No single feed actions so must be internal or detachable magazine feed.
    .22 centerfire up to HME limit. Also 3,280fps max velocity on military ranges.
    No muzzle brakes.
    Other than that anything goes, as long as it is range legal and if your 'scope is 24X variable just turn it down to 12X.
    We will be a bit flexible about equipment, it's more important to get people on the firing point at this stage however your score will not be eligible if your rifle is out of spec.

    Weight Limits for S-Class |

    The basic format of this shoot will be...
    300yds- 2sighters + 5 shots
    500yds- 5 shots no sighters.
    600yds- 5 shots no sighters.
    The competition will use the Bisley F-class targets marked by a Bisley marker. Each shot will be marked with an orange spotting disk.
    Scoring will be by a spotter from the firing point.

    The shoot will be run as a guest day by Wessex Rifles, a Home Office approved club, enabling those without safety certification (required at Bisley) or any club membership to shoot while accompanied 1:1 by a Wessex member.

    Non NRA members and shooters without safety certificates are very welcome but need to contact me by the 20 Sept with full name and address. This is a legal requirement for clubs inviting non members to guest days.

    There will also be a lane booked to shoot longer range in the afternoon, probably at 900yds. This will not be part of the S-class competition and can be shot with any (range legal) rifle and still as a guest of Wessex Rifles so bring a heavy rifle too.

    The cost will be 15 for the morning or 30 for the whole day.
    If you wish to shoot, please contact me ASAP by email to oaken8 at so I can gauge the level of attendance and book the lanes required. Please say if you wish to attend all day. If many more turn up for the number of lanes booked, priority will be given to those who have confirmed their intention to shoot by submitting personal details. ie. with name, address and mobile no.

    I hope you will support this new shooting class, and maybe consider using the same parameters within your own club shoots.
    Rup. Oaken8 at
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    I'd like to go, but it's a bit short notice. Any idea when this will be shot next year?



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    That depends on how well attended this one is and wether we get positive feedback.
    I would like to run three next year.
    The guys on full bore do an S-class postal shoot if that's of any interest to you.

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    Rup, i'll try and slip the leash for the day, always good to get some practice in with the stalking rifle.

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    Cracking idea
    should have a category for lower power scopes too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    Cracking idea
    should have a category for lower power scopes too!

    x 12 is lower power

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    This is an opportunity for field shooters to shoot at Bisley without all the claptrap of joining clubs and getting safe shooter certificates. You will also to be shooting with like minded Sporting rifle folk with a guarrantee of shooting 3 distances in a morning.
    Also the NRA shooting club charges 25 for a morning so this, at 15 is a bargain!
    We already have enough people committed for one lane, hoping for more!
    So come and take advantage of a great opportunity.
    Gary, I'll put you down as a maybe.

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    Would you run this in the north west at any point?
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bk View Post
    Would you run this in the north west at any point?
    Maybe you could run it - S Class is very much a self help scene. I'm sure the chaps running it at the current venues will point you in the right direction.
    You can see much more by visiting the FullBore forun at:-

    The UK's Finest Independent Forum for Shooters and Gun Owners View forum - Everything Shooting


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    I would do but I've only got access to a 500yrds range.
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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