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Thread: roe buck 06/08/14

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    Cool roe buck 06/08/14

    was out lastweek stalking but only seen two does around 9pm and no buck.
    Went out again last night got to the farm for about 8, as me and the dog walked down the field I could see again two does walking towards the woods, I stopped and glassed the rest of the field I then see two more does but no buck.
    I got the buttolo call out but nothing. I sat and watched the does for 30 minutes and as I was watching them a buck stud up from the long grass. the deer were 200 yards away, the only shot was a neck shot so didn't take the shot.
    I sat and sat but no shot presented itself. All 5 deer then lay back down. I called with the caller but nothing.
    A fox then entered the field this was at 400 yards no shot taken.

    As time was getting on me and the dog stalk around the field to see if a shot could be taken as they lay under big tree. I got within 106yards and could just see their heads. got caller out again 1 doe got up and walk into the woods.
    within 5 mins the buck then got up and presented me with a broad side shot. so with that the .270 was off and deer down, left it 10 minutes and job done.
    Very happy

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    Well done, patience paid off, nice dog as well.

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