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Thread: 20 bore cartridges for decoying suggestions/prices

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    20 bore cartridges for decoying suggestions/prices

    I expect no 1 and 2 sons will want to go decoying in the next few weeks and I have run out of the caledonian 20 b cartridges I got from the factory 5 yrs ago.

    Any suggestions of no6 or 7's pref felt 28grm ish make and price per 1,000/250 would be helpfull.

    In 12b I swear by Game bore super game or clear pigeon if this is of help.


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    Justcartridges or caledonian can deliver to your door for less than many shops.

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    I used some express 5 shot years ago. Even pulled geese down with them when lead was legal. Only went to 12 bore as i out grew my 20. Big mistake should have got another 20

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    Lyalvale Express 28gr 6's 262.25/1000, or Eley Hi Flyer 28gr 6's 246.50/1000. Gamebore are a tad more expensive. The Lyalvale Express are a 65mm cartridge but I have certainly shot most game with them.

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    I have used Hull, Three Crowns, paper cased, 23g. No.6, for many years.

    Around the 300/1000 mark, from Just Cartridges.


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    I shot my duck pond last night with a Browning sporter and Lyvale Express 4's and the combination was just perfect. Very low recoil & very clean.
    I buy my Lyvales off Cartridge Warehouse in Edinburgh.

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    Sportsman guns Eley High Flier 28/6s 228/1000

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