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Thread: Great stalk with Jelen

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    Great stalk with Jelen

    Two years ago I went out with Jelen for my first ever stalk. It was a successful stalk which got me my first Roe, and my guide, Donovan, was professional and informative, passing along lots of tips.
    So I was really pleased when one of my birthday presents this year was a voucher for another stalk with Jelen. I went out on a sunny Monday evening with Mike, and we had only just got to the ground when a roe buck ran across the path in front of us, having just been seen off by another in the woods to our right. I got in position as the buck was walking slowly between the trees. When it reached a gap, Mike called it and as it paused I took a successful shot. Exciting as it was to have got one so early, the night was still young, so I decided to try for another. About an hour later we spotted a buck and a couple of does across a field. The nearby high seat was the perfect place to be, but another doe, only about 40m away was laid down staring straight at it. I decided to try to get up the high seat anyway, hoping that if they did get spooked they would come back while there was still light. The doe watched my approach and climb up the high seat without running off, and the buck had not noticed me. However just as I got into position she stood and started to move off, and the buck was not far behind her. I thought that was that, but the stopped briefly and I took the shot. This one dropped on the spot. Feeling quite pleased with myself, I approached the buck and was really surprised to find it had three antlers, with a small one sticking straight out of the middle of the other two. I hadn't done a lot of gralloching, so Mike talked me though the first one and was very patient while I did the second on my own. All in all a great birthday present and I was again impressed at the professionalism and friendliness of Jelen
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    I guess the title said it all!
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    I can be. Luckily my shooting is considerably better than my computer skills!

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    Mike's a good guy and he's certainly got plenty of Deer down there. My visit saw nothing but Does and newborn fawns until a huge Buck came trotting across a wheat field - I couldn't afford to pull the trigger but it was a real pleasure seeing such a fantastic Buck from 20m away.
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    Interesting head to boot. Good memories of a privileged evening is what it's all about.

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