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Thread: Roe Body Condition

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    Roe Body Condition

    Hi guys i'v just got back from my lease on the west coast above glasgow with a couple of roe but i'm realy suprised how much fat they where carrying with the poor weather is this the same every where as there seams to be reports of lots of deer been half starved by the way my ground is block conifer

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    Thousands of deer have died as a result of the snow. TV and papers full of news. The worst may yet to come as spring is a long way off.

    A few of the animals I have shot lately have been in good nick but they had access to shelter and good feed( young forestry plantation) The ones coming in off the hill were pretty poor though.

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    Oooops...I am refering to Reds

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    On the whole they are fairing well locally, was up on the neighbouring patch to yours in the east and the roe seem to be doing ok, but there's still a bit of hardship to come.

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    In South Lanarkshire last weekend i found the front end of a Roe yearling doe - most of the back end had gone to foxes - no sign of bullet strikes to the front end, don't think it was left by poachers, so may have been in bad condition - ground is block connifer....


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    I've also heard quite a few reliable reports of dead deer found but everything i have shot recently ( red, roe and fallow all in Scotland) have been in good condition especially the roe, with more fat than usual.


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    Up in Sutherland the Red & Sika without support are mostly skin and bones or not made it this far.

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    It doesn't seem to be a 'blanket' problem. I've recently discovered youngish roe that have just lay down and died on a patch i stalk in Dumfries and Galloway. Ye only a couple of days later dropped both a roe and red in excellent condition on another piece of land less than 50 miles away.

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