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Thread: heat treating

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    heat treating

    who in the UK commercially can re-heat treat actions and rockwell test? any referals, please forwards

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    Accuracy International - all their actions / bolts are tested for hardness before going to proof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmist View Post
    Accuracy International - all their actions / bolts are tested for hardness before going to proof.
    red, thanks for that, will email & check on their pricing for taking in non-AI work for re-heat treatment.

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    Be carefull you cannot controll distortion caused by heat treatmant, thats why all custom actions are finished after heat treatmant.


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    may i ask why do you want to re heat treat your action ? it will of all ready had some form of heat treatment at time of manufacture .

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    Maybe someone's been running hot loads!


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    i use a hand held brinell hardness tester , after heat treating forgings ,as has been pointed out you will have a risk of distortion ,test your workpeice and find out whether it needs treating first soft wil need a full heat treat with distortion risk ,too hard and a spell at the tempering heat will draw the temper with little risk.

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