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Thread: Lead shot dripper

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    Lead shot dripper

    Hi all does anyone know wher i can get one from i have made a cheap one and now want a half decent one ...

    Can anyone help


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    go on pigeon watch look under bullets n reloading the plans are there.print em off n any engineering company will be able to make 1 for a lot less than the ebay 100 quid ddonkey,atb

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    How did you get on with this? Very interesting stuff.

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    set up time was a big pain in the ass. but once you have it all set up and drippers (which i had to part money for on the bay) but best results, but i found your better of paying for the larger shot sizes as for the man hours involved you could have loaded a lot of shells,the best results were BB shot which im nearly at the end of my batch. I sold my left over lead to the local scrap yard and that will buy me another 30/40kg bb shot . i sold my set up to a local lad which is constantly on the phone asking how did you get the results??? simple answer TIME AND A LOT OF IT. SO IF ITS FOR 5,4, BIRD SHOT BUY THE SHELLS! it works out cheaper the only shell i found worked up was a 40g 4 shot 2 3/4 12g
    load which was cheaper (was very heavy on the body after 200 odd shots!BUT THATS IN THE O/U NOT THE 10 SHOT but it was a good round for what i wanted.


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    Very interesting, thanks.

    Did you harden the lead by alloying ot with anything?

    How did it pattern? Was there much deformation of the pellets?

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    If your thinking of going down the paths of a lead dripper go super size and make enough for everyone sell it to local divers and re loaders that's the best way forward in my eyes. But just make sure if you do start this melt the lead outside not in yOur shed THIS IS NASTY STUFF NOT JUST TO BREATH IN BUT TO HANDLE ALSO SO LOOK AT THE HAZARDS FIRST.


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