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Thread: Walked Up Grouse. Whats the going rate

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    Walked Up Grouse. Whats the going rate


    Might be a very outside chance of ago at some walked up grouse next week whilst in Scotland on Holiday with the family (I'm glad the missus doesn't see this site as she has no idea), thanks to a very good friend of mine. Just wondered what the going rate is for say a brace if the opportunity does arise.

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    Tue Aug 12, 2014
    United Kingdom
    Guns (Available):
    4 (N/A)
    10 Brace
    420.00 inc VAT
    View shoot
    eGrouse shooting in the Scottish Borders.Top quality walked up Grouse shooting and Grouse over Pointers.We also have some fabulous driven days available.Walked up days for 2-10 guns. Please contact me for more me for more details.

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    Cheers for that bewsher500. Is that per Gun so 1,680.00 (84/bird) or 420 for the ten brace and 21/bird? (Seems cheaper than Pheasants at 21/bird)

    Just heard its not likely as they are trying to increase the population. (The moor has not been shot for grouse for a while), but its something I would like to experience at least once before its too late.

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    William Powell one of the largest managers and sporting agents for grouse shooting have quoted in Modern Gamekeeping :- good quality driven grouse at between 140 to 160 per brace for early season and probably dropping to 120 to 135 a brace once you get into September. But hopefully in late Oct and Nov less expensive if stocks are available. You should be able to get walked up grouse for around the 100 per brace.

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    On a lot of the good grouse moors it is hard to get in. I used to shoot a moor along side of the Dalby Forest in North Yorkshire and it was invitation only. The others I know of where a friend of mine works 9 labs, they are 140 a brace when a space comes up but that is very rare.

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    Grab the oppurtunity if u get the chance, even just go along and offer to carry a game bag and watch the others shoot, fantstic experience if u have never done it before.

    Like most of the others have said sort of looking about 90ish a brace over pointers (+dog handlers fee) rising to about 120ish for walked up and 150ish for driven, but could vary massivily between estates.
    Deepending where u are but quite often most driven days will dead mens shoes esp early in the season. But a bit more availability esp in scotland for walked up days, esp if u know folk involved

    Later on in season esp on the more commercial moors with large numbers can be reasonably cheap to shoot, if u can hit them. Usually no bag limit and keepers will be encouraging u to shoot as many as possible to get there numbers down to breeding stock levels as quickly as possible. If ur team can shoot well they will give u all the best drives just to get them in the larder and of the moor, sometimes that is the keepers biggest problem/worry getting enough grouse shot before the weather turns and stops/hampers shooting

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    If you do take a late season day would strongly recommend getting it insured, I have been fortunate enough to shoot them in August and towards the end of the season and would take a day at the end of the season any time, they really are the formula 1 of game shooting, remember on one day in North Yorkshire a pack of 500 grouse in one go, amazing sight but it must be a nightmare for the keeper who wants to reduce the numbers. As one of the guns comment after a particularly big drive "that was about as good as it gets with your clothes on" but we always have insurance on the days, and have successfully claimed twice.

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    Very good advice above and probably even for August days be worth insuring for the money involved, seen August days misted /rained off too.

    If ur lucky enough to get a late season day at the grouse be worth digging slightly deeper into ur pockets and paying for a loader and doubble gun it (will hardly notice the extra on top of ur day) but as Jono says grouse will be packed up so can get some big packs coming throu not unusual to see packs in the 00's if not more depending on the grouse numbers, rather than conveys, so probably more important for late season grouse than early to have a loader

    Now i just have to win the lottery and i'd be booking a day myself

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