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    lecia rangefinder

    anyone selling a leica rangefinder? seeing how many folks now have rangefinding binoculars there must be a few of these sitting around collecting dust.....
    PM me if you have anything, good condition please, I don't want tat!

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    i have had a few over the years and now have the lrf 800 would not be without it when using the 6mmbr

    seems to be a flury from time to time when they come up, and seem to hold their value too.

    good luck

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    Hi deerstalker.308.
    I have Leica Rangemaster 1200 which i may be persuaded to part with now that i have a pair of Swaro EL Range.
    PM me with an offer if you like.

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    Pm sent, but I'm not going to start bidding for things please, if you have something to sell please let me know what you would like for it and we can go from there. Thanks.
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    I have a Leica LRF1200 "scan" in black. Boxed and papers (MINT). Still on first battery.260.

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