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Thread: Bit of a Clothing Clearout. Trousers, Sweater etc..

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    Bit of a Clothing Clearout. Trousers, Sweater etc..

    Hiya, Due to me getting rather portly, and having too much stuff, I've had a look through my gear, and this lot is for sale..

    1..German Army Goretex Flektarn Overtrousers.

    I used these for wildfowling, but my old bones doesnt like it now, so, have given it up...worn a few times, but no rips, tears or snags at all...

    These are made large, so they can go over your trousers. I'm a 40" waist now, and they fit easily over me with heavy trousers on, they also have velcro adjusters and can go down to a 30" waist.

    20 posted.

    2..Barbour Wallis Sweater.

    I wore this for wildfowling too, cost me a fortune at the time. ( 140) It has a Goretex lining, and is wind and waterproof. Size is XXL, it fits me fine, I'm a 44" chest nowadays...and plenty room for a shirt underneath. it's in fantastic condition...apart from one small snag about 10mm long, it's been darned by my darling wife with the spare wool that came with the sweater. It doesnt go through into the Goretex liner, only the wool . I caught it on a barbed wire fence... Please see the pics. I circled the darn.

    Very heavy sweater SOLD.....

    3..Le Chameau Heritage Plus Fours.

    In very good nick, and not needed anymore, size is 46 Eu or 36" UK.. I forgot to do pics, and only have this one. BUT, If any interest, I'll get some done...
    Link here for exactly the same...tho, mine as you can see has a wee pocket for I assume a knife..

    Le Chameau Heritage Plus Fours - Plus Two's - Gentlemen - Brocklehursts of Bakewell


    If using Paypal, please add 4% to cover the fees, as I think these are all cheap.
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    Ill take the sherwood trousers please

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    Thanks Barry.

    Sherwoods sold to Stingercargill pending the usual..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Norrie1956 View Post
    Thanks Barry.

    Sherwoods sold to Stinkercargill pending the usual..
    Less of the stinker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stingercargill View Post
    Less of the stinker
    LOL...Sorry...I read it as Stinker, I think it's a great name...

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