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Thread: MacNab 20g

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    MacNab 20g

    Looking for a MacNab 20g Highlander. Boxlock model rather than the side plate. Should not have been shortened. Preferably lenghthened to around 15 inches, but not a must have criteria.

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    Hi wilf, yes I got one in mint condition with original box but I had the wooden but plate replaced with a kickezee but I still have the wood plate.

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    Thanks. Do you have any pics and price. But length? PM if you want. I am in Sussex so it would be RFD transfer.

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    Hi I have one for sale Macnab highlander 20 gauge 30 inch barrel 1/4 and 3/4 fixed chokes comes with fitted gracoil reducer very nice wood gun as new send me your email address and I will send you some pictures.

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    Sorted now. Thanks to all who replied. I'm picking one up from Bandit on Friday.

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    Hi chaps I'm looking for a 28 bore macnab highlander can you help?

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