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Thread: Pine marten ?

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    Pine marten ?

    Found this on the South Deeside Road between Maryculter and Durris today. I thought it was perhaps a descendant of the farmed mink escaped/released from the mink farm by Templars I used to work at when I was boy, but their bib was whiter, this has an orangey bib like a pine marten. Photo doesn't give a great idea of facial shape, as the mink is a lot more rounded (plus the obvious impact damage).
    What do you reckon ?

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    looks very much like a p/m to me plus mink would be a lot smaller size of a feret

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    I'd say pine martin as well

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    it looks like a Pine Martin but the lack of scale in the pic makes me a little unsure. Pine Martins look a bit bigger than the pic.

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    Pine Martin. Should be the rough length of a domestic cat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redlab View Post
    Pine Martin. Should be the rough length of a domestic cat.

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    Oh my word. I knew that guy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine Marten View Post
    Oh my word. I knew that guy...
    Your twin??? So sorry for your loss, big hugs
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    I'm pretty sure that it's a Pine Marten, the shape of the body, the head and the white patch are all wrong for a mink which is the only real alternative.

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