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Thread: Help !!!!

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    Help !!!!

    Just picked up my new Z6i today , fitted it on my Bat and what do you know the ffffing bolt wont pass it , what can I do ???

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    wont higher mounts sort it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLUEROLL View Post
    wont higher mounts sort it ?
    + 1

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    Yes that is an option just didnt want to alter my cheek position as the stock is quite low , but I suppose its cheaper than changing the scope .

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    grind the bolt handle in your bench grinder to allow it to pass, then polish nicely.

    common task to sort problem, esp. with CZ 527's for example, as well as Mauser 98's with straight bolt handles

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    I don't know how possible this is but the bolt on the old Springfield 1903 was bent to allow scope mounting when altered to the sniper version, maybe a gunsmith could advise further?

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    2p worth
    thumb tastic mty two choices! 1 get mounts 2 i would seek to get the bolt cranked over to allow your thumb not to hit the scope let alone the bolt feller

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    if you go for higher mounts then get a Hunters of England neoprene snipers cheek piece to raise your eye level.

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    Sorted local gunsmith going to re-shape the bolt handle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7-08Ai View Post
    Sorted local gunsmith going to re-shape the bolt handle.
    told ya'

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