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Thread: UKDTR development day

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    UKDTR development day

    Just to give people more information on our development day on the 27th September.
    It must be attended by all those doing the test day but can be attended by anybody,
    We will be coving all aspects of a call out from the first phone call to dispatching a wounded animal at the end of a successful track,
    The day will also include,
    Questions you need to ask the hunter/stalker,
    Help. With reading your dog better,
    The law with regards to tracking,
    Shot site inspection,
    Practical shot site inspection,
    Methods of dispatch,
    Equipment needed for live tracks,
    Insurance cover issues,
    There will be a small test paper at the end of the day,the paper will have multiple choice answers,

    For more information contact Tony or Ricard

    Deer track and recovery
    Free of charge and confidential service

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    Have have you got any plans in the pipeline for a 2016 development day ?

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