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Thread: white cammo tonight!

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    white cammo tonight!

    We in Chester are probably the least likely place in the UK to get clobbered with snow, due to the Mersey one side & the Dee the other, we are getting snowflakes the size of kleenex!, 09.00 zero snow, 09.16 an inch on the deck, it looks like it is headed in the direction of Crewe / Whitchurch.

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    Awfull day in south Glos, rain, sleat and snow, flakes the size of tulip petals.

    This am got on M5 at J14, white out, roads bad, looked lovely in the dawn sunshine. Much to my suprise saw no roe or foxes.

    PS snow showers in Taunton as I type!!


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    White Cammo Tonight


    Weather in our wonderful country is crazy, here in Ellesmere Port no sign of snow. Damned cold though.


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    Just had a call from Potman in Allport village, snowing like crazy.

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    The met office here have issued a class 2 weather warning for snow and high winds tonight. Its chucking it down now. Thanks for sending us your crap weather . I can see i will be out on the tractor clearing snow tomorrow although i'm not sure where i'm going to stack this lot yet.

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