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Thread: Electronic ear defender questions

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    Electronic ear defender questions

    Hi All,
    Due to the fact that I plan to do a lot more full boreshooting on the range with my son I decided that we could both do with some newelectronic ear defenders.

    I have decided on electronic as I like the idea of beingable to hear range commands while wearing the defenders.
    I done a bit of searching and found that Uttings rate allthere ear defenders by “Noise reduction rating” or NRR but now I’m confused asthe maths doesn’t add up!
    Average gun shot = 157db – best ear defender 33db (notachievable in the real world) = 124db and yet ear damage is likely if above85db.
    Any ideas on where I’ve gone wrong with the maths and any recommendationsfrom those already using electronic ear defenders much appreciated.


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    I use peltor ones, very effective and comfy to wear whilst out stalking


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    paul i have the bisley ones on the shelf or u can always splash out on the custom made electronic in the ear ones .
    i got a pair at the shooting show in feb and they are amazing.

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    The 157dB figure is probably measured in front of the rifle - not tucked in behind it where you are in a much lower exposure zone.
    There is something of a conical shaped quieter zone extending from the muzzle backwards. So for your own shots, ear defenders are more than adequate at protecting your lugholes.
    I shoot right handed & hear much more sound in my left ear than my right one when shooting.
    Noise from other shooters' rifles is often more dangerous - just keep as far away & as far back as possible & don't worry too much. Be particularly wary when someone comes onto a firing point with a muzzle break on the front of a rifle.
    If you need to be in the real noisy zone you can use foam ear plugs in addition to headphone type protection. - I've needed to do that when shooting in railway tunnel ranges where the sound can't propagate & reverberates in a horrendous fashion.


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    I have a couple of sets of "over the ear" electronic defenders but personally find them bulky and uncomfortable, so earlier this year I went for a pair of the CENS in-ear design. I find them very comfortable and effective.

    You don't say what age your son is, but if he's still young you might want to wait a few years on a pair of the in-ear design, or go for the passive type such as Emtec. That way you won't be buying another set too quickly as his ears grow and develop. With makes such as CENS, of course, you could always get another set of moulds made in a few years and keep the same internal electronic unit.

    Although expensive, I'd definitely recommend a set, as you only get one shot at keeping your hearing.
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    Don't buy cheap. Preferably get electronic in-ear defenders (e.g. Cens), or if you don't get on with "plugs" go for electronic muffs from Peltor (Sport Tac) or -better- MSA Sordin (Supreme).

    They will last and do a proper job. Cheaper alternatives won't. And as WG says, "you only get one shot at keeping your hearing"
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    MSA sordin extreme pro x are absolutely brilliant and tough as nails, a full day on the decoys shooting many rounds the ambient sounds are crisp and clear and protection superb.

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    Emtec, make Noisebreakers, they're based in Shrewsbury, do "in ear" custom fitted for around £75 (last years quote) and these seem highly rated. I'm probably going to get a pair for myself this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul k View Post
    Emtec, make Noisebreakers, they're based in Shrewsbury, do "in ear" custom fitted for around £75 (last years quote) and these seem highly rated. I'm probably going to get a pair for myself this year.
    I got a pair of these this year, comfortable, effective and relatively cheap.
    Fully moulded to your ear. I got mine done at The shooting show for £80

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