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Thread: tyre kickers

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    tyre kickers

    tyre kickers all of them i have a nine moth old bitch pup for sale. Why do people come and waist my time? I have had to stop in all bloody morning for this guy to turn up he came late and offered no apology too a look at the bitch his first words were she is mot what I'm looking for then trying to fuss a pup that he dose not know and wonder why she is staying around my feet asked me why is she shy. He then said no she is not what I'm looking for unless you want to sell her to me cheep.

    At this point i had had enough and the dog was on its way back in the pen. He has just slagged the dog off then wanted the dog but did not want to pay and as Emma was showing him the door lucky it was not me as i would have possibly kicked his a~**^% down the drive. there is nothing wrong with the dog it is just i had two litters last year and kept one pup back from each litter to see which was better dog for my needs.

    Bloody people

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    Usually a sign of a nob who isn't fit to have a dog Ash!, if you want a dog... you will pay the correct price for it. Sometimes I really do wonder, complete tosser asking why the dog is round you & not him.

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    unless you want to sell her to me cheep.
    This is the crux of it, it's nothing to do with the dog's suitability, they are just chancers. They either don't have the money or are unwilling to spend the money and thought they'd try and blag a free ride whilst wasting your time.


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    tyre kickers

    ash be aware about dogs the next week or so sometimes these people go around looking at dogs and where there kept then come back and steal them
    atb tom

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    What breed is it Ash? I work with NESSR the sppringer rescue. The number of dogs we get 9months to 2 years. They get a pup, pups are fun, wait a min its growing up. Whats this training lark? Opps I will put it in rescue.
    All the best with the sale.

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    As Tom says,.....I take the reg & vehicle type of any visitors here that we do not know. 8)

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    As Tom says,.....I take the reg & vehicle type of any visitors here that we do not know. 8)
    every one who comes here is on CCTV mate i got his number and home contact details he was Lucky to get away with out my size 12 in a orifice

    I'm calm now was really peed of

    she is a Ess Jim i had two litters last year and held on to a pup out of each now time for one to go on her travels

    all the best ash

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