Hi Guys,

I have got my paperwork through for my DSC2, I have done a lot of stalking all over the country.

What I am offering is a helping hand to any Deer farms or anyone who manages large estates to gain hands on Gralloching and larder work. I am happy to give a hand with extraction and meet new people. I know there are courses for this but I don't think you can beat the hands on aspect.

I have been deer stalking for the past 10years but would like to gain more experience in this area.

I want to stress I am not looking for shooting, I have plenty. I am a engineer on super yachts and only work 3months on 3months off. I plan my rotation around the pheasant season so I am at home from the 4th November until the 4th February, if anyone has opportunities and would like a hand please get in touch. I don't mind if its just a day or a larger cull that may take longer.

I have my own quad and pick up if needed. I am Based in North Devon but willing to travel.