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Thread: Scope choice

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    Scope choice

    Hi I'm new to forum and just getting back into fox shooting which is mostly done at night with a lamp. I have around 400 to spend on optics and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what I should consider?



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    Second hand 8x56 scmidt and bender 30 mm tube Hungarian ,usually something comes up on here once a week I have three they are superb for the money no nonsense scope .just my take on it a few foxs would disagree

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    S and B 8 x 56 is a good allrounder in my op for that sort of money , good resale value to if you dont like , good luck ,arron. sorry ! Norma must have hit the reply just before me .
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    Would nt disagree with the 8x56 suggestion, but they do require quite high mounting and are quite bulky. Also look at a good Schmidt, zeiss or Swarovski 6x42.
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    We stock Vortex, best warranty on the market, prices go from 100 -2000 pounds. If what you are looking for is not on the website give us a ring or email and we can get it. Please have a look at Welcome To Deer Stalking Equipment and Clothing
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    Great minds arron
    I've a s/b 6x42 as well sr20 wouldn't be my first choice foxing scope but when on the 308 it did account for a few while stalking but all in the daytime !
    Regards n

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    8x56 S&B would be my ideal starter or a 6x42 Swarovski for a second choice ! Both will outperform a variable in the same same price band !

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    7x50 meopta, mounts lower than the 56
    just as clear, half the price, but less common

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    As has been said get yourself a top quality fixed mag Euro - 8X56 is the most common for foxing and low light work and generally if everyone is using something then they are doing it for a reason. I use an 8X56 for all my stalking which is mostly in forestry but with the occasional bash for red deer on the hill. The sika in forestry are usually shot in dense cover at very last light and I've shot them at ranges from 20 yards to 250 yards.

    I think S&B offer the best second hand value - get a Hungarian one as they are less expensive but offer the same quality. Zeiss offer slightly better glass, but nothing to get worked up about, and Swaro are exactly the same as S&B in low light, as best me and a bunch of mates could determine, so don't get too worked up on brands but be aware that you will probably pay more for Swaro and Zeiss for no practical gain.

    The big plus with buying top notch Euro glass is that there is always a market for them and so even if you don't like yours you will sell it for what you paid for it. I bought my 8X56 S&B for 250 and could probably sell it for more than that now. In the end there is nothing to beat having the best available quality and it costing you nothing, or even making money, while you are using it.
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    All good advice, I am a Swarovski man, that's just me. You wont go wrong with any of the above.

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