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    Anyone have any experience with one of these? - SIIISS 6-24x50 LRIRMOA

    Possibly looking at getting myself one.

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    Yes mate 100 MOA elevation travel great glass, very good clicks, good value for money
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    Although not the IR MODEL, I have now got 5 LRMOA 6-24 x50s, they are great, good glass, repeatable and have had no issues with them.
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    I had this on a .22-250 which is about to be rebarrelled in 6.5x47. Cracking scope for £900!
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    Cheers lads... All good so looks like. It's a go go go! Anyone know what the light transitions like in low light levels?!

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    Good. I can see foxes pretty well at dusk. But they all get away as mine doesn't have ill ret so I can't see it :/
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    I have the model your looking at total brill if you like dialing in on shots glass during the day no complaints glass at night well its not night vision with a derilight on top can shoot to 250yards at 12 mag go eney higher and you cant see bugger all throe the scope illumination flares at top end have to turn to 7to stop flairing but on the bright side set at 10 during the day dot in senter can be viewed no problem I have had a few this one replaces the s tack which buggered up within 1 day my other 6x24x50 none illuminated sold to a member on hear which I used for years with no problem my new laminated model has better ret moa2 illuminated and impeccable tracking so its a keeper uterley reliable my onley criticism is using night vision limited to 10mag with derilight max12mag and narrower field of view can be a pain triying to find a fox running across a field at night but I would purchase another if that helps

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    Wraith may I ask what happened to your S-TAC ?

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