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Thread: Licenfeld 6x42

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    Licenfeld 6x42

    I have for sale a Licenfeld 6x42 Jaguar Spezial scope with a german no4 reticule.
    The scope is in good condition but has some ring marks on the 1inch alloy tube, and a little wear on the anodizing.
    Very good optics as sharp as schmidt&bender.

    120 ono +p&p paypal if poss.

    tel 07798704154
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    Hmmm check the tube diameter as all the Lisenfelds I have seen the body tubes are 26mm. Which would explain the marks if 1" (25.4mm) rings are used.

    Any chance of a photo please?

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    Hi Sicut68,

    You may like to have a look at this:

    and tell us a bit about yourself?

    Welcome to the site.

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    Thanks for the heads up on that ,i didnt see the sticky on introductions.
    i have now completed.

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    I have one of these which is definitley 1" tube , I also have a 8x56 and that is a 26mm tube .

    I think they made all their scopes in both tube sizes .

    Not so much choice of rings available in 26mm leupold are the cheapest . Brownalls list a Delrin insert to take 30mm rings down to 26mm.

    Hope that helps

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    Hi, are these reduction Inserts suitable for use with optilock rings, I have a Khales 26mm, and find the optilock 25. whatever it is a liitle tight....Also have a set of 30mm, and oversize Inserts sound like a good option....Thanks...Sparko

    .....Apologies for hijacking the thread, though It Is all good Information!....

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    no problem thanks for the input...


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    Thank you for checking and here are the photos:-

    As you asked Sicut68, thank you for sending them to me you have mail.

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    Thanks for posting the pics for me Brithunter, I will check my mail.

    Best regards

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    As per your e-mail answer yes I will phone you once the funds have been transferred. Thank you.

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