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Thread: Decent books on shooting technique??

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    Decent books on shooting technique??

    Hi gents,
    does anyone know of any decent books to do with rifle shooting techniques, do's and don'ts etc...

    I've always shot vermin mainly rabbits and been happy if I'm within 1" out to 60yrds, I've always been safety conscious but not really chased supreme accuracy. Recently though I've going to the range more and shooting targets has shown me how inconsistent I am when it comes to actual groups. I would say its down to years of been fairly lazy in my shooting as rabbits heads are fairly big and rushed shots can be more forgiving. Plus having poor technique due to been mainly self taught won't help. Also I've mostly always shot prone watching over warrens or favourite spots so shooting from a bench feels unnatural which probably doesn't help.

    I'm after getting back to basics and hopefully becoming a better shot for it in the long run.


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    Have a look at 'The art of the rifle' by Colonel Jeff Cooper (2010) - this is about the art of rifle shooting really, not so much about rifles.

    "A practical and extensive guide to the many uses of the rifle. Riflecraft has been completely ignored since World War II, says Jeff Cooper, America's foremost rifle instructor. To remedy this situation, he took it upon himself to set down the fine art of the rifle before it was lost forever. In his no-holds-barred style, Cooper instructs you in everything you need to know about shooting the rifle, while entertaining you with tales of marksmanship, combat and big-game hunting".

    This book is about shooting techniques with a rifle, not about rifles. I bought it when I acquired a Steyr Mannlicher Scout .308W which is a rifle concept developed by Jeff Cooper - 'If you could only have one rifle, what what it look like, and what can you potentially do with it'. I am delighted with the rifle and have learned a lot from reading his book.
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    I have a book called Practical deer stalking by G Kenneth Whitehead. Very comprehensive but fairly old.

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    Whilst books can be advantageous practical shooting instruction is of far greater benefit. BASC Sporting Services offer two basic courses to BASC members - Firearms Awareness Training (Rifle) and Pre DSC1 Level 1. Both are practical courses concentrating predominately on the Principals of Rifle Marksmanship and are delivered on a 121 basis by qualified shooting coaches as per HO Shooting Club criteria. Research would be wise as other training providers also offer similar courses.
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    One of the best has to be Practical Rifle Marksmanship by Pete Bloom, probably out of print now but a good book by a guy who knew his game.
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    Cheers for the suggestions guys, keep them coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Hamburger View Post
    Have a look at 'The art of the rifle' by Colonel Jeff Cooper (2010) .....
    +1. It's sitting in the hall and referred to from time to time. Regards JCS

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    I've ordered a copy off amazon so hopefully will find plenty of useful tips. Thanks for the suggestion.


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    Please pm me; I can help you out with the late, great Pete Bloom's book; I reprinted it in aid of the Practical Rifle League's trophy fund.

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    You need a nice little portable bench that you can set up and camo net near a warren!


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