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Thread: 4 x 4 tires

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    4 x 4 tires

    As post any ideas on where to get a good deal on tires ?

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    When I put BFG all Terrains on my truck, I trawlled the internet looking for a deal but eventually got the best price from Turnbulls Tyres, a small company local to me in Kilmarnock. Their fitted price was as good as the best supply only price I could find elsewhere. Dont know if they do mail order.

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    steves tyres n exausts in buxton, if hes in your area.

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    Jim Dickson in Cumbernauld village is very competitive, but thats bit of a trek from mull

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    4x4 tyres

    close at hand for you kerries tyres in oban always very competitive and cheap for delivery or handy for fitting if your over!does bfg,kumho general grabber etc

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    Phoned Kerries very competitive picking up Monday !


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