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    Why do some trade suppliers of stalking /boar/goats get rightly pulled up for not putting prices on their adverts and yet the majority manage to avoid the same treatment ?

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    Yeah WHY? Something to hide????

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    Any more answers maybe from admin please ?

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    Perhaps the reluctance of our members to become involved in this thread is unsurprising ? However, yours is a reasonable question and worthy of a reasoned response.

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    Sorry, only just seen this...

    The state a price rule is really only meant for Classifieds ads to stop them turning into a bidding/gazumping fight. We do allow some latitude for Classifieds ads offering highly customised services where the price is completely dependent upon what the buyer wants and it's for that reason we don't apply the rule in the Opportunities section because the pricing structures and services offered vary a lot.

    I know this doesn't make it as easy as it could be to compare prices for stalking, but we looked at coming up with a standardised pricing structure in order to simplify it but due to all the permutations out there the 'standard form' became more and more complicated in order to capture all the options being offered. It's not about 'hiding' anything, It just wasn't practical.

    Personally I think the outfitters offering a simple, fixed and standardised pricing structure get more business but at the end of the day it's up to them what they offer.

    My advice would be to simply tell them what you are looking for and to ask them to give you a price. Agree everything up front and you won't go far wrong.

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    Thanks for the response Alex, I was just asking the question to maybe help clarify the mine field that is stalking for newbies who haven't got land of their own. Atb Chris

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