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Thread: For the knife makers on here!

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    For the knife makers on here!

    Now then , Let's see what comes out of this, I have from a family member a gift of an L1A3 Bayonet, How should we cut down & re grind this bad boy for the gralloch then...... I await your instructions!!!!?
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    Hi finnbear this is an easy one the blades 12 inches long,so move the handle down till the blade is around 4 inch chop and reattach the handle,leaving a nice pointy useable knife and if done right should get to knives out of it.stuart

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    your thinking about this backwards !

    you need to put in for a variation for a 308 and go and buy a straight pull SLR !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    with the flute running all the way down you really want the tip to stay where it is and re-handle from the back as above

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