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Thread: Leica Trinovid 7x42 binos for sale

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    Leica Trinovid 7x42 binos for sale

    Leica binos for sale. I've had them for several years but used them less than a dozen times. The lenses are perfect and the binos come in a soft leather case (not the pouch which is standard) which cost an extra 85. The binos are in their original box with the paper work.
    I would like 625 plus the cost of insured postage, chq or PayPal (as a gift) acceptable. Provide me with an email address if you would like to see a pic.

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    Thats got to be a really good first post i use the same bins and they cost me new 550

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    I'm sure you would like that much!
    I got the same pair for 450 used!
    Good Luck!
    Oh, and welcome to the forum! It is customary to introduce oneself!
    Some might see it a rude to try to sell something on a first post.

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    Touchy individuals

    This may be a first post but I have been a member for a few months. If you have managed to buy a pair of Leica 7x42 BAs cheaper than mine then good luck too you but please refrain from comments when a comparison is not possible, equiv. binos now are over a thousand pounds and that is without the upgraded case.

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    Monkey Spanner and High Tower

    As an adjunct to my previous post a similar pair of Leica 7x42 BAs (similar age and condition but without the upgraded case) has just gone through Ebay for 580 and so if you add in the additional cost of a soft leather case then the amount that I indicated I would like was not very far out. It appears that I am closer to the real world than messrs Monkey Spanner and High Tower.

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    As an 'adjunct' to my previous post, it would also appear that you still have them! If they are worth what you are asking, it would be reasonable to assume that you would have sold them by now as they are indeed, very desirable binos. The fact that they are still in your possession would indicate that our valuation might be nearer to the 'real world' than yours?
    My view is that something is only worth what you can get for it!
    Maybe Ebay is your answer?
    Good Luck.

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    It is quite possible that your banal post has had a negative effect and Ebay may indeed be my next port of call.

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    Now now girls it will be hambags at dawn if you keep this up


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    As you rightly pointed out you have been a member for a few months and I assume a regular visitor and hopefully reader of the site. You would then have noticed that it is a requirement of the Site for newcomers to provide a short introduction post, nothing drastic just enough for the members to know that you are a genuine stalker or somebody who wants to get into stalking.

    You are not the first, and I doubt the last, poster who have made their first post in the classified section only to have this pointed out to them, it is so easy to avoid. Please introduce yourself properly.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    I reckon 625 pence is a really good price

    They are very expensive new, and as with everything it is condition, but they are not new are they?
    So at the end of the day it is the man with the dosh that votes with his wallet

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