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Thread: Bugg**, only just noticed!!!

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    Bugg**, only just noticed!!!

    Where did all the recipe's go? Or am I mistaken?

    Nothing to do with Venison, but I & Her had a moment of distraction in Sainsbury's this weekend, You might describe it as, An on the road to Damascus event, I bought two steaks from the cutting counter, Hereford rib eye, F****'n hell, you can keep your Scots /Angus whatever............. Jeeeeeze that was SWEEET!, never had a steak that tasted like that before, wonder if it can be repeated?
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    If you can ever get hold of it Longhorn steak is the ultimate for me,followed by Hereford or Welsh Black. Mind I don't eat much of it, prefer a good Longhorn Brisket or CWD back strip.
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    +1 on the Longhorn. Used to beat on an estate that had them and it was always the main course on beater's day - outstanding!

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    Wagu beef...........but you will need a second mortgage to buy it.

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    highland cattle produce excellent steak the only bother is it needs more than 30 months to grow and mature am not sure if the they have changed that yet

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