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Thread: mud tyres

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    mud tyres

    i baught a ranger on saturday and now i want to buy some mud tyres for it. thaught about all terrains but i think for some of our ground and tracks i will need something a bit more agressive to cope with themud and ruts. not sure what to get, been looking at bfg but have just noticed maxis dont look to bad either? has anyone got any experiance with any of theese or reccomend me something better? must be mud terrains. the size is 245/75r15. is there any advantage to going any bigger or will they rub?

    thanks in advance.

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    I put kumho kl71s on my l200 and am pleased with them so far. Also heard a lot of good stuff about them aswell. And they are not that noisey on the road either. A good all round tyre.

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    Hi Tom,

    I can recommend the BFG KM2 mud terrains mine are 17's, I have them on my l200 they put a very low imprint on the grass fields and handle the mud with ease I have had them on for over a year now and have not got stuck since, last winter I had to pull a mates landcruiser amazon fitted with (BFG all terrains) out of a muddy field because he could not get traction to get up a slight incline, I went taller with my tyres not wider, they are noisy and hard on the road.

    cheers Neil.

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    The Hankook DynaPro MTs are very good, I've had them and now have the ATs. Really good wear rate and good performance off road.

    I got mine through TyreLeader as the price couldn't be beaten anywhere on the sizes I wanted. Delivery was less than 48hrs tracked all the way and fitted at my local for 35.

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    looks like bfg's it is then, 120 a corner!!!!!

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    Run 31x10.50R15 BFG MTs KM2. Had them about 4 years now brilliant tyres. No road noise, dont effect handling.

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    Another vote for BFG's, I currently run "All terrains" on the front and "Mud terrains" on the back. Compared to some of the cheaper brands I've used in the past they seem to wear well.

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    BFG's or KL71 tyres are good. KL71's are probably better off road, both are good on tarmac. Think its Marshall that do a tyre with the same tread pattern as the Kumho, slightly cheaper too


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    Both a very good tyre the only thing I will say is you may want to go a little wider than 245 they will grip well but I found on wet fields they do leave tracks were at 265 are not as bad.

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