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Thread: 12 gauge over under shotgun

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    12 gauge over under shotgun

    Looking for a cheapish 12 gauge over under shotgun with 28" barrels and needs to be multi choke looking for something like a Lamber,

    My 15 year old daughter has opted to take clay pigeon shooting for her GCSE Physical Education option, she's shot my browning a few times and like it, but she's bothered about the recoil, I've tried her with two semi autos a Hatsan Escort and a Franchi she hates both of them due to recoil (not able to use anything less than 28gram cartridges).

    doesn't have to be a Lamber, but has to be reasonably cheap god knows how long she's going to keep going clay shooting in winter



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    Preferred cast, LoP etc? Define cheap?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric the Red View Post
    Preferred cast, LoP etc? Define cheap?

    Lee hope you don't mind me jumping in as i think EtR is a lefty.


    sent you a pm

    looking for a 28" left hooker/ambi multi/multi or set 1/4 and 1/2, single trigger eject, budget 250 to 300 inc shipping.

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    Hi guys

    looking for a right handed approximately 14" lop but that's not critical as I can cut to suit Her looking around 200 to 300 need to make sure she's going to stick at it before I spend money on a browning for her


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