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    one lucky dog

    Hi all was out walking my dogs yesterday just had a good point on a woodcock and my pup deisle backed her up with a solid point walking near a big rasshy pond on one side and rilewaybank on the other the dogs were behind me . Heard a thud looked round my pup had gone herd him crying went over to the hole in the grass he was at the bottem of a 20ft man hole luckily ther was still rusty rotten foot pegs still in it and no warter or i dont think he wuld still be alive..... I am going to report it when i find out whose land it is lucky it was only my dog and not a (CHILD PLAYING) He only broke a toe.....

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    About 10 years ago a similar thing happened to me , I sent my dog into some woodland for a retreive he jumped a fence and just disappered as if the earth had opened up he too had gone into a man hole with no cover on it we had a bit more trouble though and ended up being dangled by the legs to reach him not a mark on him though just didnt smell too good and we were banned from the beaters cart for the rest of the day

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    Same thing this season with a mate's Lab going into a drain hole. One second she is hunting up a runner, next thing it's like the earth swallowed her up. According to the keeper it should be covered, but the (metal) cover has gone - gosh, I wonder who might have taken that?

    Dog was about 6 feet down, stood in a couple of feet of water and who knows how much gunge. Mate went in, didn't sink, and then had to clean & jerk a very soggy doggy! I did the final lift and also got well splattered - no one would come near us for the rest of the day.

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