I went out the other evening to see if I could call up a roe buck. As I got to a likely looking spot I put the rifle on the sticks and started to call using my Cherrywood call. On about my second go I heard something come crashing through the undergrowth; "here we go" I thought. A roe then burst into view as it leapt over a small holly bush and stood there looking to see what dirty tart was daring to tout for business in HER territory. Bugger!
Well she clocked me straight away but somehow seemed to mistake me for another doe and charged at me to see me off! As she got to about 10 feet from me she veered off and stopped about 20 yards away barking very loudly. I called again to see what she would do, and bugger me, she "charged" again! This happened another two times before she finally made off for good and she then stood out of view about 50 or 70 yards away barking furiously.
Well, she was the only roe I saw, but I did manage to shoot a big old munty buck right on last knockings. He was quite a long way off and I guessed at about 200 yards so I aimed just above his shoulder and pulled the trigger. There was a noticeable pause then before I heard the smack of the bullet hitting and he fell stone dead without a twitch. By the time I'd gralloched him, gone back to the farm to move the car closer and then finally dragged the buck into the boot it was fully dark.
Not exactly the result I was hoping for, but a full freezer's a good result in itself.