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Thread: Got on the pigeons this weekend

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    Got on the pigeons this weekend

    We had a lovely breezy day on Saturday so after an early heavy shower I managed to get out on a half cut field of wheat by just after 11:00

    Things we not ideal and I ended up in a deep ditch which was not that good as I always shoot sitting down and I was looking directly into the sun, so despite being well cammoed up as ever woodies see everything. Anyway after a rather shaky start ie missed the first 10 or so I got into the groove and by 13:30 had shot 100 squibs so quick trip home for some more. Finished at 3pm and picked up 63 and lost 5 which came down in very thick stuff many hundreds of yards away( no dog). Some what of a bruised right shoulder from some very poor gun mounting but not too bad as haven't been decoying since last summer. For info approx 1/3rd were juvenilles and all in very good condition.

    Was using some horrible italian catridges (32grm No 6's) which were very harsh, need to get some clear pigeon for next time.

    Weather now turned so combining at a stop so might get to go out next weekend.

    Whilst driving out of the field saw a lovely wild hen pheasant with at least 8 3/4 grown poults so at least our fox control has had some benifits.


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    Cyres, sounds like a busy few hours with a lot of birds to show for it. I had my first try at pigeon shooting and had 4 for my day, mainly down to how terrible a shot I am. The last 2 was a lucky left and right which I decided to stop at and leave on a high. Needless to say I can't wait to get out again!

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