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Thread: How much camo clothing can you possibly need?

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    How much camo clothing can you possibly need?

    A quick stop at Cabela's store in Hamburg, PA, yesterday.

    Thought I'd pick up a new jacket but the bewildering display of camo was overwhelming:

    Time to look at the latest taxidermy display:

    Wondered about buying this - a snip at $13,995:

    Ended up walking out with a couple of face masks and some leather preservative
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    Displaying loads of camouflaged products poses an interesting problem to the retailer as displaying them makes the items invisible! And it resulted in a failed purchase in your case, so they should probably look at that. I am available to help for very reasonable consultancy fees.

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    Did you pick me that kreighoff as a present WG ???
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    .....if you'd dressed in a camo jacket, we could have had the SD version of "Where's Wally"....
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    And all this time I thought I was good with tweed and wool. I just didn't realise I needed imitation leaves on me jacket!

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    Secret Santa got me a cammo onesie .....

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    Hamburg is one of their better retail stores, though it doesn't have anywhere near the selection that you can find with them online. For anyone visiting the US from this forum, a trip to either a Cabelas or a Bass Pro Shop (the one in Orlando, FL is the best of those) should make for an interesting (if expensive) day. Considering the prices you pay in the UK it shouldn't take long to save enough to make the trip worthwhile.

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