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Thread: Data Collection

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    Data Collection

    Do you Keep Records or not.!

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    Photos of all bucks and stags, all shots rifle/shotgun are recorded in a game book, calibre,gun , bullet weight/ maker, species, this includes all vermin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Photos of all bucks and stags, all shots rifle/shotgun are recorded in a game book, calibre,gun , bullet weight/ maker, species, this includes all vermin.
    Pretty much the same as what Taff does.

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    I write up all my little adventures in a game book with some photos. I also have a piece of free French software called GesChasse which is more of a data gathering thing. The data is then uploaded centrally and collated with other hunters' to create statistically significant tables and charts about what actually happens out there. So it answers endless queries about effective ranges, wounding, bullet effectiveness, etc. It rather puts paid to a lot of the nonsense that one hears or reads... Obviously my contribution to the exercise is pretty limited. Although if you see the muntjac and CWD ("hydropote") bits of this pie chart, that's all me.

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    I kept a record of everything I have ever shot from when I started shooting (all species). Transferred it over to an excel file just so there was a single file that everything was on and not piles of paper. Well the laptop was pinched a couple of months ago (thieving B*****ds!) and that's that! Only a couple of years worth of info gone but still knackers a record that I have been keeping since I was 10 (17 years).

    I still have a basic version of what I used though needs updating it for roe, foxes etc. For stalking specific it could easily be adapted with a bit of PC know how. (May also be a roe target on there if you have access to an A3 printer and some time to stick it together). If anyone wants a look (even if just for the target) PM me and I can send it to you. Alternatively tell me if you can upload excel files to the forum.


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    I have kept a detailed shooting diary since early 1980's I use a hard back red and black A5 ruled note book, probably on vol 6 now.

    Put all my shooting trips in it and in back all purchases of ammo cartridges guns, rifles etc. My hand writing has deterioated over the years!!

    Aneotated diagrams of pigeon shooting with wind directions and flight lines positions of flapper/rotary/magnet totals shot and cartridges used.

    Duck flight times moon weather states all recorded if relevant.


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    Davie depends what you mean by records, I don't keep records of the type that the previous posters on this thread keep, but I do keep records all animals culled in fact its a requirement if any beasts you cull are entering the food chain, how much information you store is up to you, but essentials for beasts entering food chain are species, sex, date culled, date sold, who sold to, and a four figure grid reference of the location each animal is culled, in Scotland you need to be able to produce this information if asked and believe its three years you need to keep it for, not sure of the procedure in England.

    I used to keep a game book but now use a spread sheet , and at the end of the season I transfer it to disc, easily kept for future reference if required.

    The record I keep


    I use the comments section for anything I want to add for example if a beast is not sold why, own use, badly shot. taken by client, not fit to enter the food chain, or what ever.

    Sure some can think of additional columns, but I find that the above covers all that I need.

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    Boggy I am not sure its law here and if you eat it your self who really cares. I do have a spread sheet but after asking my deer group members I was shocked that only 4 kept complete records for inspection.

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    Davie, have a look at best practice it tells you both whats best practice and whats legal requirement, the records you need to keep if you are entering animals into the food chain, also what records owner /occupier needs to be able to produce for SNH if asked for.

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    Spreadsheet with all the usual numerical data (dtg, gender, age estimate, calibre, tag number, weight etc etc) cross-referenced to a photo file with images of all animals shot, cross-referenced to Google Earth file with locations identified and the story of the stalk attached.

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