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Thread: MyHermes- Excelled themselves with this one.

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    MyHermes- Excelled themselves with this one.

    Not my experience but that's why I probably found it amusing! Seems a guy came home to find his parcel dangling from his roof with a card left by Myhermes telling him so!
    Here is the article -
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The 34-year-old, from Hove, East Sussex wrote: “Thanks @myhermes for delivering my parcel so it's 20ft high stuck to the roof! Great care taken! #Hermes”.
    Ward was flooded with replies from other social media users, who were keen to know what had happened and quick to crack some jokes.
    Twitter user @captainboo wrote: “At least they delivered it” to which he replied: “There is that”, and in another post he appealed for a ladder.
    Others added: “Well, Hermes was the winged messenger”, while another said: “Hope it wasn’t fragile”.
    A customer service representative for the firm replied to Ward via Twitter: “Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. I can confirm we’re speaking with our field team now.
    “This is unacceptable and we’re on it. Again, we do offer our apologies.”
    Another added: “Benjamin, we have confirmation that your local courier is currently on his way back to your address with a ladder to retrieve your parcel.
    “I would like to apologise once again for the inconvenience this has caused you.”
    Ward confirmed the courier returned with a ladder to retrieve the parcel.
    He said: “I shared it on Twitter expecting a few retweets and it just went crazy.
    “They sent him back to get it down with a ladder and say sorry. It was super awkward.
    “It was more funny than anything else, so I don’t really want to make a big deal of it.”
    Ward added the parcel contained clothes for his son.
    A spokesman for Hermes apologised for the incident.
    “On Friday afternoon a myHermes courier attempted to deliver a package to a customer which unfortunately ended up on their roof. The courier returned later that afternoon with a ladder, retrieved the parcel and has apologised profusely to the customer for the inconvenience. The item was undamaged.
    “Whilst we understand that this was most likely an accident we are investigating thoroughly.
    “We would like to state that whilst we understand that this was an accident at Hermes this type of behaviour is absolutely unacceptable and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

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    "Whilst we understand that this was most likely an accident". Righto. Happens all the time, that does. Easily done!

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    Reminds me of school - "an accident" - one lad shot his French vocabulary book with an air rifle.

    When asked to explain why he could only say "It was an accident, Sir."

    "What?" came the reply, "Thirty-seven times?"

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    they are sugar hotel india tango with a side order of runny liquid .as previously posted they launched our dining table over a 7ft gate wrecking a garden feature and the table.

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