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Thread: Game camera scouting...first pics of the season...

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    Game camera scouting...first pics of the season...

    I usually put my cameras out in late July to see what is moving around on our hunting spot. I set up 2 a couple of weeks ago, one was on a hanging feeder and the other was set up on a clover food plot that we just cleared and established last fall. I didn't do a very good job of setting up the camera on the the resolution wrong, and the date and time ended up getting screwed up when I changed batteries...but all the same I got pics of a couple of bears, some coons and some squirrels... There were two different bears showing up, this is the larger of the 2 and they both know how to pull on the cable to shake out the corn...:p

    That one is a decent size bear for our area...if he hangs around and we get a look at him during muzzleloader season he will get shot at for sure...
    When I pulled the card out of the camera on the clover plot it had 3226 pics on it! It took quite a while to look at all of them...and of course there were quite a few pics of waving trees and weeds!
    But there was a steady stream of critters using that new plot!
    Ground hogs...



    Turkeys and deer....

    Lots of deer.....

    and even one little buck...

    I know that the bigger bucks are in a bachelor group someplace not far off...anyway, there are lots of deer using the place with lots of fawns showing up, and that is good news for us...we only hunt on our 40 acres, so if we have the does using our 40 as home, the bucks will come to us when the rutt is least that has been our plan and it seems to work for us...
    Aside from the deer we had a few other visitors on that camera too... Wiley Coyote showed up....

    And one of the bears from the corn feeder showed up as well.....this is the smaller of the two bears hanging around...

    Trail cameras sure give you a good idea of what game is in an area if you get it set up in the right place... Clover seems to be quite attractive to a lot of different we will be planting more of that in our other food plots...

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    Hi zee. some nice pica there and show you a decent amount of game on the place. Interested in your thoughts on pulling in the game with clover. I got some good pixs of bear on pipe feeders in the woods of eastern Canada laat year but none were shot as they only came in the night. We places them in little clearings in the woods. Do the clover attract game more in the summer then give you a home site to start with winter feeding. Does it help to hold the game on your ground?

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    Woodmaster...I am convinced that having something for the game to eat year around is the key to keeping them in the area. Down here clover works great because it stays green clear thru the winter in a lot of years if the temps don't get too cold. We run corn feeders later to help get the deer and turkeys thru the winter. Baiting is legal here and a lot of guys just run feeders during hunting season...I keep one feeder running from July until the end of then my clover plots are greened up and growing again. We are surrounded on 3 sides by large landowners that run cattle, and have their land leased out to hunters...they have 800acres to hunt, we have we have worked to improve the habitat we have by improving the timber, making wildlife openings and food plots, and installing some waterholes..and running feeders... When we started we never got a fawn picture...the second year, after we did food plots the does started raising young on our land... Deer that grow up on our ground tend to stick close by...and we see more fawns every years...and we have been killing more bucks as well.

    The bears are another story...they come around early and eat our corn..then about the time the white oak acorns hit the ground they disappear. But last year, I did see one small bear opening day of muzzle loader season...he was too far away..and too small to shoot anyway. Sooner or later, I suspect one will hang around long enough to get shot and end up in our freezer!

    Bears like grass and green stuff especially in the spring...if you could get some clover and/or orchard grass growing you might have some good spring bear hunting in your area..


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    Thanks for that zee. its not my land but a friends in nova scotia. He was to be having me over this fall for a bear hopefully with a muzzle loader. (a first for me). unfortunately he has had a major medical problem and all hunting is off. As you probably know baiting is restricted in nova scotia and can only start in July. Bear season starts mid September. Hence I thought perhaps some clover areas around some existing old apple trees might be a good attractant, and may not be classed as bait. I hope to get over there some other time to try for a bear myself. We were also going to go down in the valley where the better white tails browse on the farm land. Hope the hunting gods look favourably on you this fall.

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    Trail cameras sure give you a good idea of what game is in an area if you get it set up in the right place... Clover seems to be quite attractive to a lot of different we will be planting more of that in our other food plots...
    Some excellent pics there, I really do need to get me a trail cam or 2 best add it to the list of ever growing bits I need... Well want anyway. My list of stuff to buy is probably longer now than when I was getting in to deer stalking.
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    Woodmaster...My wife and I hunted bears in Nova Scotia last fall, we had a great time and both killed nice healthy bears that were excellent eating! We hunted with an outfitter that has a farm just outside of Brookfield, NS. I think clover would do well in NS especially if you are down in the river valleys close to the farms..the fellow we hunted with had some baits on his farm but most of them were up in the forested areas... Lots of bears in that country for sure, and we will go back and hunt with him again. Nothing fancy, but he provides a good hunt with adequate accommodations and great food...and no shortage of bears..all for a very reasonable price. He never advertises as he has a lot of return hunters.....

    P3t3r....Trail cams are pretty cheap now...get one and get started, you wont be sorry! If you are hunting someplace and scout with a camera..that information doesn't promise you success, but it sure makes you a lot more patient when you know what is living on the land you hunt!!


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