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Thread: Backpack?

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    Is it possible to find a backpack which have chair or a hardtop so you can sit on it + a space for your rifle/shotgun?

    Here in Denmark I cant find one.

    Because I need a backpack I can carry and then use as a seat also. But its awkward to carry your rifle/shotgun and backpack over the shoulders.

    I hope you understand me - Im looking for a backpack with both a seat and a weapon-holder!


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    I think the space for the rifle might be the killer there. There are loads of different rucksacks with folding stools built in, but I haven't seen anything with a rifle holder too.

    Or something a bit cheaper...

    Stolrygsæk, 35 l - Biltema

    Even cheaper again, and with a fishing rod holder too....(I've no idea what they mean by that, but perhaps it could be used to hold your rifle?)

    Stolrygsæk - Biltema

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    Thanks - I too cant find anything with a weapon-holder, but maybe its just me who remeber it wrong, maybe you actually can have both backpack and gun on the shoulder?

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    Look at the z-aim rifle sling. It can be used with a stand alone back pack.

    I got mine from moray outfitting on here.

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    Bergans Tuva are the closest thing I can think of, Tuva has a small chair you have to take out of the backpack to use, and a gun holder on the side.

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    This Swedteam offering almost does that:

    "On the outside are five pockets, in one of them is a removable pad you can use to sit on."

    Not quite a chair, but a seating solution of sorts.

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    Thanks all. But I think I found the one :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renico View Post
    Thanks all. But I think I found the one :-)

    Are Hillman even still in existence? - Haven't seen any of their kit available for some time......

    As an alternative, Eberlestock may have something up your street in their framed range......
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