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Thread: off to a good start

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    off to a good start

    well the lads down in dorset are off to a great start to the weekend
    so far on the first evening
    malc 1 roe
    wadas 3 sika + 1
    terry 2 sika + 1

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    Yes that`s certainly a good start.
    I wonder if the aim will be straight and true again tomorrow after a night of "bad behaviour"

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    Add another 2 stags to that, had a txt off Wadas lad this morning

    Well done so far lads, Your getting quite good at this stalking stuff, Keep it up and me & andy will let you in on our lease
    Dont worry malc we will get you down on the bucks again in april

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    Looks like Waddas has decided that bullets work better than his phone

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    updated now fest, they are having a brill time spoke to them all this morning.

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    Note to Malolm, "must try harder"

    That stalking would cost a fortune to buy, don't you think Andy


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    Total score 10 Sika, 1 Roe in three outings..

    Malc had a left and right this evening..

    I had a foetus that could possibly beat our Festers from Scotland in October..

    Having a lie in tomorrow cause Andy and Fester have started thinking were taking the piss on their lease..

    Malc has just said" If their good boys well let you down later on in the year"

    Will get pickies and write ups done tomorrow as all passing out

    Malc,Sandra,Wadas and Terry

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    Well done chaps, Get them pics posted up Excellent result again.
    Terry, I think we need to compare foetus heads and see just how many CIC points they are, Only then we will know who the real winner is of the gold medal foetus record is
    By what malc told me last night you mite just be close......... Did your beast have fur..
    Well andy lad, weve let them buggers loose on our patch again and they have wiped it clean by the sounds of it
    We are gonna have to have words about this i think

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    Looking forward to the write up Terry.

    I did hear that your scaffold pole may need replacing .


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