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Thread: Lens cleaning

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    Lens cleaning

    What do you use too clean your optics lens? Im currently using optics wipes that are ment for glasses. They work okay but wondering if anyone has a preference to a particular make or method.

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    I use one of these...

    Easy to carry and does a good job on my bins.

    There are numerous versions available but the idea is the same. Retractable brush to clear loose debris and then the polishing pad under the cap takes care of marks and smudges on the lens. Think it is pre-loaded with some sort of carbon cleaning compound.

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    For my plastic lensed glasses I just run them under the tap and use the usual handwash soap to clean the lenses between thumb and forefinger. Squeeze dry with a towel to take the drops off. The various pairs of glasses are 2 and 3 years old and no signs of any scratches. Result.

    I also use a soft watercolour type paintbrush with soap n water on my Swaro/Zeiss/Leica binos and 'scopes as and when required with the same good clean results. I do use a lens brush to dust them off whilst blowing the loose dust now and again but I'm very wary of rubbing anything across the lens.... even lens cloths and certainly not those pads on the other end, just asking for trouble as far as I can see.

    I guess a make-up brush would be ideal.

    If the lenses get wet while I'm out I'll just dab them dry.

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    scope dope and a spuds cleaning cloth removes those little spots you get on the lenses which look like you have damaged the coating spray wipe like new glass

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    Optics, easiest way is Lidls spec cleaning wipes.

    If being tech use air brush to blow off dust then a cotton wool bud dipped in alcohol and starting in centre move to the outside in a circular motion. Then breath on lens and final gentle clean with a lint free cloth or lint free lens cleaning tissue.

    Our microscope engineer gives all lenses a final buff in a genuine chammy leather.

    Best use butler creeks or failing this bit of good cling film over lenses will keep rain/crap off them even better if you use sunshades.


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    I wouldn't use anything cheap and nasty. The amazon link is not to be trusted according to the reviews on that page!

    I figured that having spent a lot of money on lenses I would look after them properly so I have a cleaning kit the same as Glendine. Zeiss do an almost identical one which is a little cheaper.

    I gave links to both in this thread:

    Hope that helps



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    Quote Originally Posted by rabbitter View Post
    I wouldn't use anything cheap and nasty. The amazon link is not to be trusted according to the reviews on that page!

    I figured that having spent a lot of money on lenses I would look after them properly
    Assuming it is actually the genuine article you get (reviews do suggest some are not 'as described' which is clearly an issue) then bear in mind this is made and offered by Nikon. That's Nikon that make camera lenses that might easily cost around 10 times the best stalking binos from Swarovski/Zeiss/Leica. Should probably be up to the job.

    The lens pen is much handier to carry and use in the field but I can see the benefits of the bigger kits for keeping everything in good order before and after a trip out. Choose the right product for you and use it as directed and I suspect you'll be fine.

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    I don't disagree, Andy. If I was going to trust a lens pen, I would however go to a reputable supplier to be assured of a quality item.

    The Swaro and Zeiss kits come with a retractable lens brush which could be taken out. I can't remember ever wanting to clean a lens on a stalking day though. I just use the kit at base when I get in. I have always found that a microfibre with fluid or the disposable cloths work better than a pen.



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    Use lens pens good for the edges and they have a brush to dislodge dust etc..

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