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Thread: primer question

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    primer question

    Ive been given 3 different types of small pistol primers to try in my hornet cci, rem and sellier and belliot. Am I likely to have a point of impact change with the different types or will it be negligible? Just enquiring before I load some up.

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    small rifle primers and pistol primers are different you cant use primers for a pistol in a rifle and vice versa

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    I believe that the base thickness of small pistol primers is thinner than small rifle primers. That they MAY blow through when used at pressures higher than that which (for a pistol or revolver) that thye are designed for. However the easiest way to find ut is to e-mail CCI and Remington for their advice.

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    There are a number of people on here who recommend spp for the hornet and even more on the net who do. Ive all ready tried some cci ones and my grouping improved. I ve got to other different types of spp to try and wondered if I use these as well will the poi change. Hence my question
    Thanks for the replies.

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    I was aware of the difference in thickness of the metal in pistol and small rifle primers but after the pistol ban I had a few pistol primers that I didn't want to waste so gave them a try in my .222.
    I had Remington and CCI and used them very gingerly expecting either the striker to penetrate the primer or even after penetration to have some sort of blow back.
    All worked as if they were normal small rifle primers with no striker penetration and there was no difference in point of impact.

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    You may find that the different makes of primers burn differently & this can mean velocity & POI changes.
    The only way to say is to load a few of each up & see.
    It would be wise to start with a soft load (say 10% below book max) & work them up for each type of primer.
    Measure group sizes, group positions(zero point) on paper & velocity (chronograph) to see what the differences are. This may be the best way to go forward.


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    Pistol primers are handy for developing a baseline load for wildcats where there is no other data due to them showing pressure signs earlier than rifle primers apparently

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    Quote Originally Posted by wraith View Post
    small rifle primers and pistol primers are different you cant use primers for a pistol in a rifle and vice versa
    Oh my.
    Small pistol primers are all I use in my Hornet and 5mm Craig wildcat. I always recommend small pistol primers with Hornet, especially with loads of Lil Gun.~Muir

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