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Thread: DSC 2 Reading material

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    DSC 2 Reading material


    Which book would you say to get to read to brush up on for my DSC level 2.


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    Your old Level 1 manual and the Field Guide to Disease by BDS is probably all you require as you are just going to put Level 1 theory into practice.


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    +1 to what sjb1956 says. Think both are really useful.

    If you are so inclined and want to really baffle/ impress/ confuse ( take your pick! ) your AW then John Fletcher's 'Diseases of Deer ( cant recall exact title ) is good back ground reading.

    Finally - and genuinely a straight suggestion - the DSC2 Candidate and Witness notes on the DMQ website. Full of useful advice in any event, but also gives you the proper steer on what you should expect.

    Good luck - let us know how you get on.
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    The Best Practice Guides take some beating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn View Post
    The Best Practice Guides take some beating.
    +1 well laid out easy to pick up and put down and not too much text.

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