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Thread: Leupold 30mm PRW Weaver Rings

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    Leupold 30mm PRW Weaver Rings

    Hi chaps

    Lots of talk about QR mounts and their ability to retain zero on being removed and replaced but does anyone have experience with these ? I've been messing around with mounts and have been given a set to try. I have a Warne torx torque wrench - the one that breaks when you hit the required torque setting. I believe Warne and Leupold use the same torque settings.

    So this will mean that every time they come off they'll be going back on the same torque setting each time.

    Any experience out there of what I should be able to expect ?

    Thanks in advance


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    In my experience you should expect at worst a 1/2 MOA POI change

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    I have a set of the 'lever' ones. They come off everytime the gun goes back in the safe, and returns to within 1/4 MOA each time. I'd have no qualms about putting the scope back on right now, and taking a shot at a fox at 200yds as I know they will be within 1/2" at that range.

    I might try the repeatability at long range the next time the 338 comes out and report back.

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    Very repeatable, even without the torque wrench. Just tighten the levers by feel, pull them out and move them to a "zero" position, then tighten them back by feel and to that position when you remount the scope.

    I used a set of the Leupold QRW 30mm rings with a 1.25-4x scope on a Winchester .375 H&H, back and forth to iron sights, always to zero. I tested it by shooting a box and removing and remounting it every 5 rounds.

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