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Thread: Most common shot positions for hill stalking?

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    Most common shot positions for hill stalking?

    My last stalking was about 30 years ago in Colorado, so I'm trying to "get back in the saddle", so to speak, in preparation for some hill stalking in Scotland.

    What positions should I be brushing up on? I prefer sitting (I've a dodgy disc in my neck which isn't real fond of prone), but if most hill stalking shots are taken from a prone position then perhaps I need to get more comfortable there too.

    Any thoughts appreciated.


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    Hi Jeff
    I have similar restrictions & suffer when shooting prone - particularly for up hill shots. - Downhill not a problem & as that is the holy grail of shots (safer, the deer are less likely to pick up your scent etc, its the position to try for & a wise stalker will work with you to get you into a comfortable spot.

    If I have to shoot uphill, I find it best to not mess around for two long as the discomfort increases with time. - I can "de-stress" my neck by getting roughly into firing position & curling up forward for a few seconds, bending my spine & neck.

    It's best to practice all positions as often as possible - it really pays dividends.


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    Thats what I keep telling the wife.

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    Why don't you simply ask the stalker on the ground that you are booking with Jeff, everywhere is going to be different. I went to Scotland a few years back expecting that any shots would be taken from the prone position on the open hill. So I put my bi-pod on the rifle and walked the hills for a week carrying around the extra weight. The only shots that I took in that week were from sticks in the standing position I could have saved myself the extra weight and awkwardness of the bi-pod.
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    Most shots on the true open hill in Scotland are taken prone, but much depends on the terrain you are stalking. As a rule the stalker will know the ground very well and where the deer are likely to be lying at different times of the day and weather. As a rule it is best to always keep high and get above your deer on the open hill.

    Take a bipod or a set of those small collapsible sticks. In the past when I did a lot of hill culling I used a pack or at times my binoculars as well to give me some height with the rifle before taking the shot. You may be able to sit or kneel for the shot, but this may not be possible, much depends on the position the deer are in and the terrain.

    Good luck
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    Jeff. Prone off a bipod and prone off your pack. Regards JCS

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    Almost all shots are taken prone and that's what the professional stalker will expect of you, perhaps it may be possible to take the odd shot from a sitting position, but that will be an exception rather than the rule.

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    Prone, off a bipod......all too frequently whilst lying in four inches of Scotland's finest.

    When doing the check zero you will be expected to shoot from a prone position.

    I've also had a few times where we've stalked up a burn or peat hag and found myself taking the shot standing, but with the bipod resting on top of the bank.
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    Just echoing everyone else really but genuine hill stalking for Red Deer will be from a prone position. If you have difficulty doing so then I wouldn't practice it to be honest, the zero check will be enough to give you the confidence you need in both yourself and the gun. Let us know how you get on.


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    Thanks for the replies, everyone.

    I expect my group size prone off a backpack is probably fine anyway, so it's more a matter of getting familiar with the position (and the new rifle in that position).

    Sitting with a sling I'm shooting 6" groups at 100yds, so some work clearly needs to be done there.


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