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Thread: Garmin dc 50 collar charger

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    Garmin dc 50 collar charger

    Morning all, just bought a collar but didn't get a charger with it , does anyone know where I can get one without sourcing one from the states please , any help appreciated. Thanks Brian

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    probably get one from maplins if you know what voltage and current the battery is

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    Thanks hogey , but it's special to the collar as it's got a clip that has contacts in it that clips to the dog collar to charge it ,

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    if you send me a picture of the connections I may be able to advise you further.I am an electonics tech and do this for a living

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    how do you find the garmin astro and collars? not literally find them, lol, but how do you rate them?

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    Hi Brian!
    Please send me a pm, I will help you out....


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