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Thread: Recognised DSC2 deer despatch after bad shot?

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    Recognised DSC2 deer despatch after bad shot?

    Morning all

    Looking for the correct method of despatching a deer after a bad shot for for DSC2. I know that i'm meant to approach the deer from down wind with another round in the chamber but what if another shot is simply not possible due to range, are we then talking knife around the neck to bleed him out asap?



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    Personally I'd go for the atlas joint if possible And safe

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    It is one of the reasons we recommend holding onto the DSC1 training manual after the course - it is ( Ok - should ) be an useful ongoing reference.

    One of the elements regularly picked up on ICRs is 'shallow' questioning on some PCs and despatch is a regular one - so bodes well you are obviously thinking it through.

    The preferred method is always the follow up shot - if safe to do so. There could be times - hopefully rare - when it just isnt safe. The safety element continues on however - and must over-ride the understandable desire to minimise suffering.

    If it is safe to do so there are generally three suggested approaches to despatch with a blade -

    1. Chest thrust - done in same way as if bleeding. Good argument for 4" plus knife. This isn't neccessarily the swiftest method, but tends to be the most effective overall - ie all things considered. It brings about rapid demise.
    2. Sever the arteries in the throat - it could be that a front to back throat cut is the easiest way to achieve this, but you are going through a lot of tissue to get the the key vessels. It is suggested you go in from the side and cut forward - concentrating on severing the major blood vessels at the sides of the neck. We always suggest practise on a dead animal - in the early attempts it is all too easy to find your knife either doesnt penetrate well or you are a bit far back and bounce off the spine or other hard structure. Demise is swift, but not instant and if blood pressure has already dropped, it can take a while.
    3. Knife thrust into the atlas joint. This is very effective with near instant cessation of movement and rapid demise. However, your target is very small and very well protected. In addition the area is packed with nerves and can easily cause enough distress to spark the animal into reacting. again practise on dead animals is the key and ensuring you have a sufficiently 'pointy' blade to access the spinal cord ( your actual target )and sever it rapidly.

    Because of the various issues, commonly the chest thrust is recommended until you are completely confident in the other methods and indeed remains favoured by a good many.

    I'll say it again - safety first. Approaching any animal with a knife in hand when it is still able to thrash/ move violently needs due care and attention. Every good hunter wants to bring about a humane end to the quarry, but you have to keep in mind that in some circumstances it just isnt safe to do so immediately. The very worst case scenario being you step back and wait - ready to shoot if it moves to a safe position - until the animal subdues from the initial wound.

    Thats quite an unsavoury situation and extremely rare - I've had it twice in several decades and the solution was a fortuitously close 22 rifle in one of those. But worth keeping the perspective in mind from a practical point of view and with regard to the DSC2, worth voicing to the AW to demonstrate depth of knowledge.

    Hope that helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shooter79 View Post
    Morning all

    Looking for the correct method of despatching a deer after a bad shot for for DSC2. I know that i'm meant to approach the deer from down wind with another round in the chamber but what if another shot is simply not possible due to range, are we then talking knife around the neck to bleed him out asap?


    The question that was put to me was what if you had a deer that was thrashing around violently on the ground and in a position where it was not safe to take another shot. I couldn't remember what was in the BDS manual etc., so I gave a commonsense answer...... wait for it to die.

    This proved to be correct, with sharp antlers and hooves you are not supposed to endanger yourself.

    Based on the theory done in DSC1, DSC 2 is all about practically demonstrating your skills and knowledge of how to handle actual situations that can arise.

    atb Tim

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    Thanks for the in depth advice. I think the knife thrust into the chest cavity will be the best and safest option. I will have a practice on the next dead beast though. I have had situations before where i have just gone for the neck but found it very difficult and messy!


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    Atlas joint or severe the arteries high in the neck. But of course if it is an active buck or big stag this could prove very dangerous. I always suggest practice of the atlas joint on as many dead animals as possible until you can do ever time. It's not for practicing on a live animal. Secondly, and this goes for the whole of dsc 2, you can only do what you consider best at the time. There is no real right or wrong way, providing is is safe and there is a logical and sound explanation behind your actions.
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    Any wounded deer should ideally be shot again when and only when safe to do so, with a safe backstop. Using a knife is fine when you are practiced and experienced but this must not to be practiced on live deer until you are ready. I would always expect a candidate to shoot a deer again by getting a safe shot even if that meant moving round on a deer or backing out to get a safe shot if one is present especially being the assessor with the candidate being my responsibility.

    safety - welfare - hygiene

    In terms of welfare when a deer is wounded where you shoot that deer again whether it's in the body/head safely is not important and the use of a knife should only take place where a deer is of no risk to the individual and the use of a rifle could be dangerous. The use of a knife on a live deer should never be attempted where a deer can kick out, strike you with antler points or bite you!!!!

    The moment you have a wounded deer your priority is to end the suffering of the animal and not save meat or look for ways to minimise carcass damage. If you're doing that you're not following the 'safety - welfare - hygiene' principal. Your priorities always remain in that order. Shooting a deer centre mass for example that has been back end gutted and is wandering for the trees has to be done, forget that carcass ever entering the food chain as your priority is dispatching that wounded animal.

    If you do that rather than fanny about, the assessor will give you credit for your actions. A carcass may not be fit for human consumption but it doesn't have to be so long as your process, inspection, extraction and responses to questioning are satisfactory for your icr. Most aw's would expect a clean process though and quite righly so.

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